Monday, May 23, 2011

The Good Samaritan

Painting: The Good Samaritan

The common perception of what is good or bad could be tricky depending of what culture you are in. When we are approached by someone that seems strange to us even if this person has the best intensions, it could cause a negative response that could turn either rude or scary. My idea of being a good Samaritan is not the one being shown on TV, Movies or other Mediums. In my interpretation, I clearly illustrated a strange being, that we might find scary or intimidating. But, how a good Samaritan looks like shouldn’t be the focus, the focus should be in our actions not our looks. We should be able to sense who brings peace, love and good intentions to assist and help someone in need. The Samaritan in my painting is showing the capacity to give everything he has to offer to the poor man in distress. Each egg represents a part of his soul, heart and possesion. Even though he does not look like much, his action are being praised and admired in the heavens. Everytime he acts with kindness towards his fellow man, the doors of heavens open and all the living things will rejoice with music and songs.