Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Art Exhibit Group Contrapunto: Symphony of Colors

  • 6:00pm until 8:00pm in EDT

  • Artist Reception,
    Saturday August 11, 2012

    Art Exhibit Group Contrapunto: Symphony of Colors
    659 Auburn Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30312

    Group Contrapunto:

    Carlos Solis
    Stanley Bermudez
    Pedro Fuertes
    Aixa Caldera
    Jorge Arcos

    Guest Artists
    Rigo Peralta
    Alex Mendoza
    Dora Lopez

    Saturday, July 28, 2012

    Art Exhibit: Penn State University

    Penn State Lehigh Valley Penn State Lehigh Valley

    Altering Reality: Leading Latin American Artists

    Exhibition Dates: August 27 to October 12, 2012
    Artist Reception: Thursday, August 30, 4:00- 7:00 p.m.
    Gallery talk at 4:00 p.m.

    Exhibiting Artists: Pedro Fuertes (Peru),Dora Lopez (Peru),Carlos Solis (Venezuela),Orlando Quevedo (Cuba), Rigo Peralta (Dominican),Juan Ramiro Torres( Peru), Ricardo Viera (Cuba)
    Penn State Lehigh Valley | 2809 Saucon Valley Road, Center Valley, PA 18034-8447 | 610.285.5000
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    Sunday, July 22, 2012

    Art Exhibit: Reality of Placement

    Contemporary Art from Latin America
    July 6th – July 30th Artist Receptions: Saturday, July 7th 3PM-6PM
    19 Cary Lane, Salem, NY 12865 Tel.:518-854-7674

    Exhibition Curator: Alexis Mendoza

    ALAIN GUTIERREZ (Photography)
    ANTHONY MONTES (Painting)
    ARMANDO SOTO (Mixed Media Painting)
    CARLOS SOLIS (Painting)
    CATALINA ARANGO (Painting)
    CESAR CHELALA (Photography)
    DIO-GENES ABREU (Mixed Media Installation)
    ISMAEL CHECO (Painting)
    JESUS RIVERA (Painting)
    XAVIER FIGUEROA (Mixed Media Installation)
    LILIANA AVALOS (Printmaking)
    LISSETTE SOLORZANO (Photography)
    LUIS STEPHENBERG (Mixed Media Installation)
    RAMON PERALTA (Painting)
    RIGO PERALTA (Painting)
    SONIA CUNLIFFE (Mixed Media on Canvas)

    Contemporary Art from Latin America
    “Reality of Placement” discusses some of the conditions and circumstances that are relevant to the migration globally: an idea travel, objects pass from one culture to another, etc. The artists suggest the sense of documentation, expressing a sort of presence in events, fiction or non-fiction the archive, create a conglomerate of clues that never completely stop sending information. The exhibition explores aspect that emphasized Salem as a farming and agriculture town in which most of the families and labor are from Latin American descendent. -Agriculture continues to dominate the rural setting, but modern farming and related agribusinesses now expand the countryside in addition to dairy-. The artists in the show also create a relationship between past and present, a form that stipulates its own shifting terms, constantly renewing and differentiating meaning from one moment to another. Some of the artists are accurately aware that they’re trying to capture an elegance that is quickly turning into a journey documentation of their own migration situation.
    “Reality of Placement” presents artists who have a long term relationship with their subjects and who widely use different mediums to break down barriers of neighborhood, family, identity and class. These artists reflect on ideas of merge. “Reality of Placement” addresses issues such as migration and exile. This call for a rational and creative interpretation on the action of human migration which presents particular perspectives that only art can achieve throughout different genres and media including painting, sculptures, photography, drawing, mixed media, installation and video.
    Alexis Mendoza, Curator

    Alexis Mendoza