Latin Artists Group: Contrapunto

Contrapunto - Artist Group

CONTRAPUNTO is a group of Latino Visual Artists living and working in Atlanta and the surrounding areas for the past four years. The group was started by Venezuelan Surrealist Painter Carlos Solis. The current members are Peruvian Surrealist Abstraction Painter Pedro Fuertes, Abstract Mexican Painter Jorge Arcos, Dora Lopez, Venezuelan Tropical Pop Artist Stanley Bermudez and Carlos Solis.
Pedro Fuertes
Stanley Bermudez 
Dora Lopez

One of the main missions of our group is to expose people in Georgia to the diversity and talent of Latin Artists. We also try to exhibit as a group at a variety of venues such as galleries and art centers as well as our own individual solo efforts. In many of our shows we sometimes include guest Latino artists and during our opening receptions try to include typical food and music from the different countries represented.

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