Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Painting: The Right to Joy

Explanation of “Right to Joy”

I always wondered how the place we call Heaven looks and what is it that we do once we get there. Beside the brief drescription from the Holy Book, it still remains a mystery to me.
People from different religious backgrounds have differents or very similar interpretions of it. My visions about this place are of supreme happiness, I saw a Lion, which symbolized Royalty, being one with a Castle, hovering permanently over the creation. Tents are pitched below it where people live under the protection of the holiness. I saw a merry-go-round beneath the castle which represents our continuous act of enjyoing things that we consider innocent and pure. I also saw animals pulling a carriage and a young lady worshiping on a top of a mountain. These images to me represent our continuation of regular life in a perfect place without pain, suffering and actively maintaning our connection with the very embodiment of Love.

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