Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I proudly present my next curatorial show: Surrealist Apparatus

Project: Surrealist Apparatus

Surrealist Artists are deeply interested in interpreting dreams as unspoken feelings and desires. The world of a surrealist artist explore the notion of converting our subconscious into reality. The project “Surrealist Apparatus” brings to the surface the subconscious thoughts of the imaginary process to create what we perceive and sense.
According to dictionary.reference.com, the word apparatus means “a group or combination of instruments, machinery, tools, materials, etc., having a particular function or intended for a specific use.” Besides creating the opposite of our own limitations of rational thoughts, we try to manifest and reveal the different dimensions of are own realities. In this case, I’m trying to create a theme where we merge as an Apparatus.
Illustrating the process of integrating ourselves as part apparatus and part human. Showing in our own personal way a scene of the steps of being connect with our minds and ideas and the manifestation of the final result.
Carlos Solis

Another unique thing about this show is the incorporation of poetry. A wonderful group of poets work with us to write a poem of an artwork or painting selected by them. Each poem is going to be hung next to the painting they wrote about during the exhibit. 

Here are the names of the poets who are participating in this project: Edwin Torres, Todd Colby, Sharon Mesmer, Albert Mobilio, Joseph Donahue, Joanna Fuhrman, Anne Waldmann, John Yau, Boni Joi Koelliker, Guillermo Parra and Ronna Lebo
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